Naturopathic Physician Certification Program

Program Currently Not Available

The American Board of Regenerative Medicine (ABRM) provides certification in Regenerative Medicine to eligible naturopathic physicians holding an ND or NMD degree from an accredited North American naturopathic college (U.S., Canada). Successful completion of the ABRM certification program will provide the title of “Associate Diplomate of the American Board of Regenerative Medicine” (DABRM-A).

ABRM Associate Diplomat Eligibility Criteria for Naturopathic Physicians:

  1. 1. Successful graduation from accredited Naturopathic College (U.S. or Canada)
  2. 2. Current and unrestricted state licensure in Naturopathic Medicine (U.S. or Canada)
  3. 3. Minimum of 1 Year experience in the practice of Regenerative Medicine
  4. 4. Minimum experience of 20 consultations and procedures in Regenerative Medicine over the previous 24 months prior to application.  
  5. 5. Minimum of 10% of practice dedicated to Regenerative Medicine 
  6. 6. Successful review of application materials by ABRM credentials committee  

ABRM Associate Diplomat Certification Process for Naturopathic Physicians:

  1. 1. Attendance of ABRM Board Certification Review Course
    1. Self-paced study course of nine core modules
    2. Additional one-on-one course material review with faculty
  2. 2. Passing score on the ABRM Written Examination
    1. Examinations are completed electronically through ASRM web portal
    2. 100 multiple choice questions
    3. Minimum passing score: 70%

Naturopathic Physicians interested in applying for ABRM Associate Diplomat certification should submit a current Curriculum Vitae and Scope of Practice in Regenerative Medicine to: